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persistent ache of baby teeth

“Persistent Ache of Baby Teeth” explores the powerful relationship between identity, trauma responses, and the possibilities of creating an authentic life through the use of large acrylic figure paintings, reflection stations, and workshops that allow viewers to become part of the series themselves, both as artist and subject.


The exhibition for “Persistent Ache of Baby Teeth” viscerally engages the audience in a critical examination of their identities and relationships to their bodies. The paintings explore the ways in which our bodies carry the weight of our experiences, particularly trauma, and the ways in which this can shape our identities. The bright colors of the paintings convey a sense of energy and vitality, even in the face of difficult experiences. The nude figures, stripped of clothing and ornamentation, symbolize the vulnerability and honesty necessary to engage in the work of breaking free of old patterns. 


A special edition of my Paint Your Noodz class will offer survivors of assault an accessible opportunity to reclaim their body. A mirror and emotion workshop will leave people with a deeper understanding of themselves and an increased power over their emotional state.


Through a rigorous examination of the age-old question “Who am I?” we open ourselves up to repairing our relationships with one another and ourselves.

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