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Samantha Zaruba: Mixed Media Artist

Samantha Zaruba is a mixed media artist and independent record label owner. Whether creating commissioned paintings, putting on benefit concerts or developing indie musicians, Zaruba is a catalyst for creativity and support in her communities. Her first gallery show in Nashville was at Turnip Green Creative Reuse’s Green Gallery as their first Artist in Residence.

In addition to galleries, her work has been featured on album covers (Ron Gallo, Naked Giants, Molly Rocket), in publications (Out Voices Nashville, Winner of Best Visual Artist in Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville poll), as installations at concerts (Tayls at The East Room) and in local businesses (Darlin, Ugly Mugs). Zaruba combines her love for live music with her passion for creating and has live painted at several events around Nashville (Cold Lunch Recordings Solar Eclipse Show and Life on Mars: an Evening of Aries).


Zaruba’s latest series Body Keeps the Score examines our relationship to our bodies in the modern era and is a revival of work she started while studying Art at UMass Amherst. Body Keeps the Score is a series of colorful nude figure paintings combining text (original poetry, song lyrics, quotes), mixed media collage and mirror installation to tell the story of health, trauma and self acceptance in the modern era. The exhibition addresses what that the body holds onto and how these impact our personal and collective happiness and wellbeing. 


Zaruba’s passion for community engagement led her to create PowArt: art empowerment workshops. These workshops start with two foundational truths: that we are all artists - some people just forget that they are; and that the physical act of creating is incredibly healing. Zaruba has led these free art classes at local nonprofits (Women on Maintaining Education and Nutrition, Turnip Green Creative Reuse, Helping Our Music Evolve, Martha O’Bryan Center) and local middle schools. 

Zaruba is also a co-founder of TART, a woman-led art collective.

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