Whether you are looking to revitalize your corporate communications, build your brand authority, or get some help managing your social media channels, I can take your business to the next level.


Marketing Strategy

Let me help you strategically align your company's vision with your marketing strategy and messaging. Become a thought leader in your industry while driving sales.

  • Analytics - Assess impact of your current approach and channels

  • Competitive analysis - let's look at industry trends and see how you stack up (and how you can get ahead)

  • Brand authority - does your audience (and search engines) view you/ your company as a thought leader?

  • Website - is your website optimized for search engines and sharing? Is your copy engaging and straightforward?

  • Partnerships - discover how making friends with bloggers, other companies, and your customers can drive sales


Social Media: Manage & Train

Your company's online presence is imperative for building your brand authority, attracting top talent, and driving sales. The world of social media can seem daunting and time consuming - let me lend your business a hand.

  • Social media best practices fully customized to your product and industry

  • Learn how to master any social media channel

  • Build your brand authority and become a thought leader

  • Develop and maintain a voice in your posts

  • Don't have time to feed the beast? I can manage your social media channels by creating strategic content and engaging a targetted community.

Corporate Communications

We've all heard the stats - an engaged employee is a productive employee, companies with an engaged workforce are more successful, etc. Boost your bottomline by investing in a communication strategy.

  • Vision & mission statement exercise

  • Leadership communication strategy

  • Employee surveys and focus groups

  • Intranet do's and don'ts

  • Channel balance - finding the right mix of email, video, and face-to-face

  • Best practices appropriate for your employee population

  • Tech & trendy - discover the latest communication tools and which ones will simplify your life and yield results